A Risk Score Calculator for Angina

All values values marked with * are required for the risk score to be calculated. Missing values will be imputed. Note that you must specify the units for Glucose and Creatinine.

Age:* years
Sex:* Male Female
Smoking status:* Never Ex-smoker  Current
Diabetic status:* No diabetes  Non-ID  ID diabetes
Angina attack frequency per week:* 0 1 or more
Number of coronary arteries with clinically significant lesions:* Unknown/angiography not done  0 to 2  3 or more
Systolic blood pressure: mm Hg - or tick  if 155 mm Hg or more
Ejection fraction: %
White blood cells: giga/l (109/l)
Glucose: mg/dl mmol/l
Creatinine: mg/dl µmol/l
QT interval : msec - or tick   if 430 msec or more
Has the patient previously had:
A myocardial infarction?* No Yes
A stroke ?* No Yes
Current medication:
On lipid-lowering therapy?* No Yes
Number of anti-anginal drugs:* 0 1 2 3


This calculator was designed and implemented by: Mike Bennett, London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine.

This calculator was last updated on 31st October 2005.